Honestly. I do the things I can do best to bring the most value. I create Interface Design for mobile apps. Focusing on cross platform design that can be easily implemented in flutter.
I do that in a pragmatic way. No bullshit. No overhead. Just top notch UI Design.




Less is more. This is true for tooling or meetings. I love to be productive and efficient. Being Fast and Good is my highest goal in every task.

Trust. I do digital product design since almost 10 years. My Experience helps me to push the product to the next level. But pretty pixels is not the goal. The goal is to have a user centered experience that is unique to your brand. 

Collaboration. Data is the oil of the 21. century. This is true of me as well, but small. I only use tools that allows me to work fully transparent. All the data should be accessible to the people who needs them. 

Family. I do freelance to have time with my wife and kids. That’s the ultimate motivation for me to work. I focus on quality in my life, instead of quantity. So expect outcome driven results :)




I’ve studied communication design at Institute of design in Düsseldorf, Germany. My focus back then was corporate design, later screen design. I worked for creative and advertising agencies for years. When the app store on iOS launched I switched careers to IT Startups. Since then I had the pleasure to work with world leading companies such as:


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